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image Azita Emami

Professor of Electrical Engineering

B.S. Sharif University of Technology, 1996
M.S. Stanford University, 1999
Ph.D. Stanford University, 2004

Office: 335 Moore Laboratory
Mail Code: 136-93
Phone: (626) 395-8417

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Our research covers a wide range of topics in integrated circuits and systems. Our research group focuses on developing novel circuit (analog and digital) and system-level solutions for a variety of applications such as computing, communication, and sensors. The design of high-performance, reliable, and low-power mixed-mode circuits in highly-scaled technologies that leads to the advancement of the theory and the creation of new tools and models features among the goals of our research group.

Professor Emami is a member of the Lee Center for Advanced Networking. She also participates in the Center for Circuits and Systems Solutions (FCRP/C2S2) and the Interconnect Focus Center (IFC) funded by SRC and DARPA.

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