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Ian Galton
An Analysis of Quantization Noise in Modulation and Its Application to Parallel Modulation

Yong Guo
Millimeter-Wave Integrated-Circuit Horn Antenna Imaging Arrays

Chuanyi Ji
Generalization Capability of Neural Networks

Steven Lin
GaAs Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits for Optical Neural Network Applications

Rajaram Ramesh
Efficient Multichannel Methods for High-Rate Data Transmission with Applicaiton to ISDN (or) Pouring Water to Get More out of Copper

Masahiro Sayano
Analyses of Coding and Compression Strategies for Data Storage and Transmission

Robert Weikle II
Quasi-Optical Planar Grids for Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Power Combining

Yiu-fai Wong
Towards a Simple and Fast Learning Classification System

Alan Yamamura
Neural Network Control and an Optoelectronic Implementation of a Multilayer Feed

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Tsuhan Chen
Multidimensional Multirate Filters and Filter Banks: Theory, Design, and Implementation

Jay Hammer
Lifted Turbulent Jet Flames

Charles Higgins, Jr.
Classification and Approximation with Rule-Based Networks

Douglas Kerns
Experiments in Very Large-Scale Analog Computation

Moonil Kim
Grid Amplifiers

Tsz-Mei Ko
On the VLSI Decompositions for Complete Graphs, DeBruijn Graphs, Hypercubes, Hyperplanes, Meshes, and Shuffle-Exchange Graphs

Michael Mandell
A Comparison of CDMA and Frequency Hopping in a Cellular Environment

John Miller
Building Probabilistic Models from Databases

Petros Mouchtaris
Analysis of an Interactive Video Architecture

Hector Rotstein
Constrained H -Optimization for Discrete-Time Control Systems

Finbar Sheehy
Antenna-Coupled mm-Wave Electro-Optic Modulators and Linearized Electro-Optic Modulators

Arthur Sheiman
A New Method for Solving Irises in Waveguides

Anand Soman
New Results on Paraunitary Filter Banks: Energy Compaction Properties, Linear Phase Factorizations and Relation to Wavelets

Lloyd Watts
Cochlear Mechanics: Analysis and Analog VLSI

Peter Young
Robustness with Parametric and Dynamic Uncertainty

Yong Zhang
Coupled Array of CO2 Waveguide Lasers

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Khalid Aljuhany
Supersonic Film Cooling Including the Effect of Shock Wave Interaction

Dimitrios Antsos
Computer-Aided Modeling and Analysis of Passive Microwave and Millimeter-Wave High-Temperature Superconductor Circuits and Components

Milivoje Brkovic
Switching Converters with Magnetic Amplifiers as Controllable Switches

Gert Cauwenberghs
Analog VLSI Autonomous Systems for learning and Optimization

Bedri Cetin
TRUST: A new Global Optimization Methodology, Application to Artificial Neural Networks, and Analog VLSI Implementation

Kevin Curtis
3-D Photopolymer Disks for Correlation and Data Storage, and Cross-talk in Volume Holographic Memories

Hayit Greenspan
Multi-Resolution Image Processing and Learning for Texture Recognition and Image Enhancement

Annette Grot
Analog GaAs Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits for Large Scale Arrays

Jonathan Hacker
Grid Mixers and Power Grid Oscillators

Ming-Chieh Lee
Still and Moving Image Compression Systems Using Multiscale Techniques

Hsin-Yu Li
Photorefractive 3-D Disks for Optical Data Storage and Artivicial Neural Networks

Yong Qiao
Learning Dynamics of Photorefractive Neural Networks

Subrata Rakshit
Analysis of Image Sequences Using Redundant Representations

Dan Raphaeli
Noncoherent Coded Modulation

Gamze Salam
An Analog VLSI Architecture for Stereo Correspondence

Enrico Santi
Magnetics and Control in Power Electronics: I. Modeling of Coupled Inductor
II. One-Cycle Control of Switching Converters

Thomas Schrans
Part I: Longitudinal Static and Dynamic Effects in Semiconductor Lasers
Part II:Spectral Characteristics of Passively Mode-Locked Quantum Well Lasers

Fang Tan
Modeling and Control of Switching Converters: I. Unified Modeling and Measurement of Current-Programmed Converters II. A Generic Averaged Model for Switches in Dc-to-Dc Converters

Jeffrey Vollin
Resonant Power Processing at a Fixed Frequency Using a Controllable Inductance

Zheng Zeng
Recurrent Neural Networks for Grammatical Inference

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Robert Bodenheimer, Jr.
The Whirling Blade and the Steaming Cauldron

John Cortese
Stochastic Computation

Sanjeev Deora
Channel Assignment Algorithms in Cellular Radio Networks

Igor Djokovic
Optimization Issues in Wavelets and Fliter Banks

Michael Flanagan
Reduced-Complexity Digital Sinusoid Generators and Oversampled Data Converter

Masayuki Hattori
Subspace Subcodes of Reed-Solomon Codes

Jianqiang Liu
Integrated Micro Devices for Small Scale Gaseous Flow Study

Wei-Min Lu
Control of Uncertain Systems: State-Space Characterizations

Volnei Pedroni
VLSI Systems for Analog and Hamming Parallel Computation

N. Sateesh Pillai
Non-Dissipative Decay of Linear Quasimodes in a Pure Electron Plasma

Martin Regehr
Signal Extraction and Conltrol for an Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector

Ljubisa Stevanovic
Switching Converters for Input Current Shaping and Regulation of Multiple Outputs

Svetlana Tatic-Lucic
Silicon Micromachined Devices for In Vitro and In Vivo Studies of Neural Networks

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Barry Ambrose
Dynamic Routing of Telephone Traffic Using Network Management Tools

Geoffrey Burr
Volume Holographic Storage Using the 90° Geometry

Jung-Chih Chiao
Quasi-Optical Components for Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves

Michael DeLisio, Jr.
Hybrid and Monolithic Active Quasi-Optical Grids

Edward Deng
I. Negative Incremental Impedance of Fluorescent Lamp
II. Simple High Power Factor Lamp Ballasts

Danny Howard
I. Mechanisms of Injury Associated with Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy II. Exsolution of Volatiles

Donald Lie
Ion Implantation in Epitaxial GexSi1-x on Si(100)

Chang Liu
Silicon Micromachined Sensors and Actuators for Fluid Mechanics Applications

Cheh-Ming Liu
Monolithic Grid Amplifiers

Victor Lubecke
Micromechanical Tuning Elements for Submillimeter Wave Integrated Circuits

Jiafu Luo
Monolithic GaAs VLSI Optoelectronic Neuron Arrays

David Marx
Subwavelength Structures, Optical Diffraction, and Optical Disc Memories

John Morris
Experimental Control and Model Validation: A Helicopter Case Study

Sergei Orlov
Holographic Storage Dynamics, Phase Conjugation, and Nonlinear Optics in Photorefractive Materials

Fernando Paganini Herrera
Sets and Constraints in the Analysis of Uncertain Systems

See-May Phoong
Time-varing and Finite Field Filter Banks

Randal Salvatore
Ultrashort and Ultrahigh-Repetition-Rate Pulses from Passively Mode-Locked Semiconductor Lasers

Ali Shakouri
Electron Transport in Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors

Jorge Tierno
A Computational Approach to Nonlinear System Analysis

Siddhartha Valluri
Bluff Body Flows in the Presence of a Free Surface

Dongyan Zhou
Synthesis of PWM Dc-to-Dc Power Converters

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Christopher Assad
Electric Field Maps and Boundary Element Simulations of Electrolocation in Weakly Electric Fish

Carolyn Beck
Model Reduction and Minimality for Uncertain Systems

Michael Burl
Recognition of Visual Object Classes

Jung-Fu Cheng
Interative Decoding

Raffaello D'Andrea
Generalizations of H-Infinity Optimization/Control of Rotating Stall

Christopher Diorio
Neurally Inspired Silicon Learning: From Synapse Transistors to Learning Arrays

Jean-Jacques Drolet
Optoelectronic Devices for Information Storage and Processing

Vidyabhusan Gupta
Analog VLSI for Active Drag Reduction

Michael Kantner
Robust Simulation and Analysis of Nonlinear Systems

Rajesh Kedia
An Investigation of Velocity and Temperature Fields in Taylor-Couette Flows

James Lazar
Analysis of Single Phase Rectifier Circuits

Wei Lin
The Trellis Complexity of Block and Convolutional Codes

Yuan-Pei Lin
One- and Two-Dimensional Cosine Modulated Filter Banks

Raanan Miller
Microfabricated Electromagnetic Flap Actuators and Their Applications

Alina Moussessian
Quasi-Optical Active Antennas

Allen Pu
Holographic 3-D Disks and Optical Correlators Using Photopolymer Materials

Boaz Salik
Spatio-temporal Beam Synthesis and Applications to Photolithography

Zhong Yu
Design Issues in Communication Networks: Reliability and Traffic Analysis

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Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Adaptive and Diversity Techniques for Wireless Digital Communications Over Fading Channels

Xin An
Long-Term Large-Scale Holographic Storage in LiNbO3:Fe

George Barbastathis
Intelligent Holographic Databases

Chuan-cheng Cheng
Nanofabrication and Characterization of Photonic Crystals

Ernest Chuang
Methods and Architecture for Rewritable Holographic Memories

Sonja Glavaski
Robust System Analysis and Nonlinear System Model Reduction

Fukang Jiang
Silicon-Micromachined Flow Sensors

Malik Magdon-Ismail
Supervised Learning in Probabilistic Envrionments

Han Park
A Study of Heat Transport Processes in the Wake of a Stationary and Oscillating Circular Cylinder Using Digital Particle Image Velocimetry/Thermomentry

Thomas Tsao
Silicon Micromachined Magnetic Acuators for Aerodynamic Flow Control Applications

Jamal Tuqan
Statistical Optimization of Multirate Systems with Applications in Compression and Energy Compaction

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Jean-Yves Bouguet
Visual Methods for Three-Dimensional Modeling

Jeffrey Dickson
Integration of Analog VLSI and Thin Films: Towards an Electronic Nose

Gavin Horn
Iterative Decoding and Pseudo-Codewords

Yun Huang
Nonlinear Optimal Control: An Enhanced Quasi-LPV Approach

Sven Khatri
Extensions to the Structured Singular Value

Ahmet Kirac
Optimal Orthonormal Subband Coding and Lattice Quantization with Vector Dithering

Sharon Laubach
Theory and Experiments in Autonomous Sensor-Based Motion Planning with Applications for Flight Planetary Microrovers

Shijie Li
UHF and X-Band Class-E Amplifiers

Dragan Maric
Advanced Flux Weakening Techniques for Surface-Mounted Permanent-Magnet Machine Drivers

Spyridoula Preventza
Analysis and Design for Quasi-Optical Structures

Kurt Schenk
Power Factor Correction Topologies and Small-Signal Modeling. I. Single-Phase and Three-Phase Power Factor Correction. II. Small-Signal Analysis of Converters in Disconitnuous Conduction Mode

Xubo Song
Contextual Pattern Recognition with Applications to Biomedical Image Identification

John Wright
Through-Wafer 3-D Micromachining and Its Applications for Neural Interfaces and Microrelays

Meina Xu
Iterative Decoding and Graphical Code Representations

Xing Yang
Micromachined Silicone Rubber Membrane Valves for Fluidic Applications

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Ali Adibi
Persistent Holographic Storage in Photorefractive Crystals

Srinivas Aji
Graphical Models and Iterative Decoding

David Babcock
Intelligent Control Using Gereralizin
Case-Based Reasoning with Neural Networks

Goutam Chattopadhyay
Dual Polarized and Balanced Receivers at Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths

Cynthia Daniell
Object Recognition in Compressed Imagery

John Davis
Low-Cost, Industrial Class-E Power Amplifiers with Sine-Wave Drive

Blythe Deckman
Active Quasi-Optics and Measurements

Amish Desai
Micromachined Devices for an Airborn
Bio-Particle Analysis System

Ognjen Djekic
Optimization and Miniaturization of Microprocessor Power Supplies

Michael Gibson
Computational Methods for Stochastic Biological Systems

Reid Harrison
An Analog VLSI Motion Sensor Based on the Fly Visual System

Alexandr Ikriannikov
New Developments in Single Phase Power Factor Correction

Lifang Li
Adaptive Receiver Design and Optimal Resource Allocation Strategies for Fading Channels

Amit Manwani
Information-theoretic Analysis of Neuronal Communication

Mario Munich
Visual Input for Pen-Based Computers

Eva Sanchez
Some Issues Relevant to Affecting Propagation of Lightwave Signals in Optical Fibers

Xu Wang
Optoelectronic Devices for Optical Memory Systems

Xuan-Qi Wang
Integrated Parylene Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Joyce Wong
Perpendicular Patterned Media for High Density Magnetic Storage

Shuyun Wu
Integrated Polysilicon Thermistors for Microfluidic Sensing

Xiaoyun Zhu
Hard vs. Soft Bounds in Probabilistic Robustness Analysis and Generalized Source Coding and Optimal Web Layout Design

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Sony Akkarakaran
Filter Bank Optimization with Applications in Noise Suppression and Communications

Joseph Billock
Attentional Control of Complex Systems

Ming Cai
Optical Fiber Taper Coupled Glass Microsphere Resonators

Chenggong Fan
Fault-Tolerant Cluster of Networking Elements

Charles Grosjean
Silicone MEMS for Fluidics

Wen Hsieh
MEMS Thin Film Teflon Electret Condenser Microphones

Hui Jin
Analysis and Design of Turbo-Like Codes

Vincent Koosh
Analog Computation and Learning in VLSI

Roger Koumans
Semiconductor Mode-Locked Lasers: Modeling, Characterization and Applications

John Lindal
An Investigation of Several Document Classification Algorithms Leading to the Design of an Autonomous Software Agent for Locating Specific, Relevant Information on the World Wide Web

Wenhai Liu
Holographic Resolution and Its Application in Memory and Imaging

Neelesh Mehta
Impact of User Mobility on Resource Allocation Schemes in Cellular Radio Systems

Murat Mese
Image Halftoning and Inverse Reconstruction Problems with Considerations to Image Watermarking

Christophe Moser
Optical Information Processing

Oskar Painter
Optical Nanocavities in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Planar Waveguides

Jerry Shan
Mixing and Isosurface Geometry in Turbulent Transverse Jets

Gregory Steckman
Holographic Recording in Polymeric Materials with Applications

Kea-Tiong (Samuel) Tang
Neuromorphic VLSI Circuits for an Electronic Nose Chip

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