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Mayank Bakshi
Network Coding and Distributed Compression over Large Networks: Some Basic Principles

Elizabeth Anne Bodine-Baron
Peer Effects in Social Networks: Search, Matching Markets, and Epidemics

Florian Bohn
Integrated Circuit Signal Generation and Detection Techniques for Microwave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Signals

Christopher SungWook Chang
Applications of Coding in Network Communications

Charles DeBoer

Jonathan Harel
Neural Pattern Similarity and Visual Perception

Jingqing Huang
Wavelength-scale Confinement of Light and Its Applications in On-Chip Photonic Devices

Ruo-Gu Huang
High-Performance Silicon Nanowire Electronics

M. Amin Khajehnejad
Combinatorial Regression and Improved Basis Pursuit for Sparse Estimation

Hsi-Chun Liu
Theory and Experiment of Slow-Light Coupled-Resonator Structures

Bo Lu
Parylene as a New Membrane Material for Biomems Applications

Jayakrishnan U. Nair
Scheduling for Heavy-Tailed and Light-Tailed Workloads in Queuing Systems

Omid Noroozian
Superconducting Microwave Resonator Arrays for Submillimeter/Far-infrared Imaging

Kaushik Sengupta
Silicon-based Terahertz Circuits and Systems

Ravi Teja Sukhavasi
Distributed Control and Computing: Optimal Estimation, Error Correcting Codes, and Interactive Protocols

Juhwan Yoo

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Ahmed Halid Akgiray
New technologies driving decade-bandwidth radio astronomy: quad-ridged flared horn and compound-semiconductor LNAs

Theodoros K. Dikaliotis
On delay and security in network coding

Meisam Honarvar Nazari
Electrical and optical interconnects for high-performance computing

Justin Young-Hyun Kim
Parylene-C as a new piezoelectric material

Derek Leong
On Erasure Coding for Distributed Storage and Streaming Communications

Chih-Hao Liu
Transceiver designs and analysis for LTI, LTV and broadcast channels - new matrix decompositions and majorization theory

Piya Pal
New directions in sparse sampling and estimation for underdetermined systems

Shuo Pang
Fluorescence optofluidic microscopy and fluorescence microscopy based on the Talbot effect

Jian Ren
Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography: Design and Application

Damon Stuart Russell
Technology advances for radio astronomy

Christos Theodoros Santis
High-Coherence Hybrid Si/III-V Semiconductor Lasers

Jacob Benjamin Sendowski
On-chip integrated label-free optical biosensing

Wendian Shi
Blood Cell Count On-a-Chip

Zhiying Wang
Coding for information storage

Guoan Zheng
Innovations in Imaging System Design: Gigapixel, Chip-Scale and Multi-Functional Microscopy

Hongchao Zhou
Randomness and noise in information systems

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