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Behnam Analui
Signal Integrity Issues in High-Speed Wireline Links: Analysis and Integrated System Solutions

James Franklin Buckwalter
Deterministic Jitter in Broadband Communication

Xiang Guan
Microwave Integrated Phased Array Receivers in Silicon

Qing He
Integrated Nano Liquid Chromatography System On-a-Chip

Sidharth Jaggi
Design and Analysis of Network Codes

Ling Li
Data Complexity in Machine Learning and Novel Classificaiton Algorithms

Matthieu Liger
Uncooled Carbon Microbolometer Imager

Michela Munoz Fernandez
Coherent Optical Array Receiver for PPM Signals under Atmospheric Turbulence

Terrell D. Neal
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Light Emission from Organic Light Emitters

Masoud Sharif
Broadband Wireless Broadcast Channels: Throughput, Performance, and PAPR Reduction

Victor Chi-Yuan Shih
Temperature Controlled Microchip Liquid Chromatography System

Shervin Taghavi Larigani
Theory, Fabrication and Applications of a Novel Archetype Semi-Ring FabryPerot(SRFP) Resonator

Ao (Kevin) Tang
Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols

Mankei Tsang
Classical and quantum Nonlinear Optical Informaiton Processing

Feiyu Wang
Design and Analysis of High-Efficiency L-Band Power Amplifiers

Kjerstin Irja Williams
Multi-robot Systems: Modeling Swarm Dynamics and Designing Inspection Planning Algorithms


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Ehsan Afshari
Optotronics: Optically Inspired Electronics

Cedric Robert Anen
Neural Correlates of Economic and Moral Decision-Making

Christophe Jean-Michel Basset
CMOS Imaging Technology with Embedded Early Image Processing

John Myun Choi
Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Semiconductor Transverse Bragg Resonance Lasers

Mostafa Said El-Khamy
New Approaches to the Analysis and Design of Reed-Solomon Related Codes

Amir Farajidana
Performance Limits and Design Issues in Wireless Networks

Philip Xiao-Li Feng

Radhika Gowaikar
Wireless Networks: New Models and Results

Vijay Gupta
Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems

Zhipu Jin
Coordinated control for Networked Multi-Agent Systems

Abbas Komijani
Microwave Integrated Phased-Array Transmitters in Silicon

Lun Li
Topologies of Complex Networks: Functions and Structures

Ao (Kevin) Tang
Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols

George Manuel Maltezos
Microfluidic Devices for Accessible Medical Diagnostics

Mortada Mehyar
Distributed Averaging and Efficient File Sharing on Peer-to-peer Networks

Scott Brian Miserendino
A Modular Microfluidic Approach to Nano High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection

Arun Sridhar Natarajan
Millimeter-Wave Phased Arrays in Silicon

Joyce Kai See Poon
Active and Passive Coupled-Resonator Optical Waveguides

Chaitanya Kumar Rao
Asymptotic Analysis of Wireless Systems with Rayleigh Fading

Abbishek Tiwari
Geometrical Analysis of Spatio-temporal Planning Problems

Angela Colleen Tooker
Development of Biocompatible Parylene Neurocages for Action Potential Stimulation and Recording

Byung-Jun Yoon
Signal Processing Methods for Genomic Sequence Analysis

Zhaoyu Zhang
Towards Functional Miniaturized Lasers

Siyang Zheng
On-Chip Blood Count


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