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Mark Lee Adams
Integrations of Optoelectonics and Microfluidics for Biological and Chemical Sensing

Roberto Aparicio Joo
Frequency Generation Techniques for Integrated Applications

David Nicholas Barsic
Small-Scale Liquid-State Dynamics in Nanometer Size Devices

Diego G. Dugatkin
Optimization of Multi-rosolution Source Codes

Michael Ian James Fleming
On Source Coding for Networks

Cedric Jean Paul Florens
Data Collection and Distribution in Sensory Networks

Hossein Hashemi
Integrated Concurrent Multi-Bank Radios and Multiple-Antenna Systems

Ali Husain
Nanotube and Nanowire Devices

Anxiao Jiang
Optimized Network Data Storage and Topology Control

Dai Lu
Active Patch Array Design and Indoor Channel Modeling for Future Wireless communications

Ravi Palanki
Iterative Decoding for Wireless Networks

Marcus Riedel
Cyclic Combinational Circuits

Andre Tkacenko
Optimization Algorithms for Realizable Signal-Adapted Filter Banks

Bojan Vrcelj
Multirate Signal Processing concepts in Digital Communications

Tomoyuki Yoshie
Crystal Nanocavities with Active Quantum Nanostructures


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Deniz Karapetian Armani
Ultra-High-Q Planar Microcavities and Applications

Justin Scott Boland

Micro Electret Power Generators

Uri Vaughan Cummings

Linearized and High Frequency Electrooptic Modulators

William M.J. Green

InGaAsP-InP Semiconductor Microcavity Geometries for Annular Bragg Reflection, Optical Switching, and Sensing

Lawrence Cary Gunn III

Integration of Complex Optical Functionality in a Production CMOS Process

Yindi Jing

Space-Time Code Design and Its Applications in Wireless Networks

Fei Fei Li

Visual Recognition:Computational Models and Human Psychophysics

Silvio Savarese

Shape Reconstruction from Shadows and Reflections

Jeremy Christopher Thorpe
Analysis and Design of Protograph Based LDPC Codes and Ensembles

Christopher John White

A Solid-state Atomic Frequency Standard

Jeremy Witzens

Dispersion in Photonic Crystals

Jun Xie

Integrated Parylene LC-ESI on a Chip

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