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Ichiro Aoki
Distributed Active Transformer for Integrated Power Amplification.

Hanying Feng
Rate Loss of Network Source Codes.

Xiaolin Feng
Methods for the Analysis of Visual Motion.

Kevin Foltz
Periodic Broadcast Scheduling for Data Distribution.

Donhee Ham
Statistical Electronics: Noise Processes in Integrated Communication Systems.

Scott David Kee
The Class E/F Family of Harmonic-Tuned Switching Power Amplifiers.

Zhiwen Liu
Optical Information Storage and Processing.

José Mumbrú
Optoelectronic Circuits using Holographic Elements.

Alberto Pesavento
Visual Sensors for Focal Plane Computation of Image Features.

Teerachai Nicholas Pornsinsirirak
Parylene MEMS Technology for Adaptive Flow Control of Flapping Flight.

Jelena Vuckovic
Photonic Crystal Structures for Efficient Localization or Extraction of Light.

Yong Xu
Flexible MEMS Skin Technology for Distributed Fluidic Sensing.

Tze-Jung Yao
Parylene for MEMS Applications.

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William B.G. Agassounon
Modeling Artificial, Mobile Swarm Systems

Massimo Franceschetti
Wireless Networks, from Collective Behavior to the Physics of Propagation

Aamod Khandekar
Graph-based Codes and Iterative Decoding

Guillaume Lessard
Apertureless Near-Field Optical Microscopy for Fluorescence Imaging

Marko Loncar
Nanophotonic Devices Based On Planar Photonic Crystals

Ellis Fan-Chuin Meng
MEMS Technology and Devices for a Micro Fluid Dosing System

Shayan Mookherjea
Coupled-resonator Optical Waveguides and Multiplexed Solitons

Matthew A. Morgan
Millimeter-Wave MMICs and Applications

Georgios Panotopoulos
Holographic Information Systems

Yang Song
A Probabilistic Approach to Human Motion Detection and Labeling

Hui Wu
Signal Generation and Processing in High-Frequency/High-Speed Silicon- Based Integrated Circuits

Yunping Yang
Holographic Recording and Dynamic Range Improvement in Lithium Niobate Crystals

Qian Zhao
Network Source Coding: Theory and Code Design for Broadcast and Multiple Access Networks

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