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Confirmed Speakers and Panelists

  • Yaser Abu-Mostafa (B.Sc.'79 M.S.E.E.'81 Ph.D.'83) Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    The Art and Science of Machine Learning
  • Sabeer Bhatia (B.S. '91), Co-Founder and Chairman, Sabse Technologies; Co-Founder, Former President and CEO of Hotmail Corp.
    Caltech and the Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Shuki Bruck (B.Sc.'82 M.Sc.'85 Ph.D.'89) Gordon and Betty Moore Professor of Computation and Neural Systems and Electrical Engineering
    Biological Circuits
  • Tsuhan Chen (M.S. '90 Ph.D. '93), Director, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University
    Using Social Context to Understand Images of People
  • John Doyle (B.S., M.S. '77 Ph.D '84) John G Braun Professor of Control and Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineering, and Bioengineering
    Universal Laws and Architectures
  • Michelle Effros (B.S. '89 M.S. '90 Ph.D.'94) Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Comunication Network Capacities
  • Charles Elachi (M.S. '69 Ph.D. '71), Caltech Professor of Electrical Engineering and Planetary Science; Caltech Vice President; and Director of Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Excitement and Challenges of Robotic Space Exploration
  • Azita Emami (B.S. '96 M.S. '99 Ph.D. '04) Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Low-power Design for Advanced Integrated Systems, from Processors to Biomedical Implants
  • Thomas Everhart Caltech Professor of Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics, Emeritus; Caltech President, Emeritus; Member of Board of Trustees at Caltech
  • Ali Hajimiri (B.S. '94 M.S. '96 Ph.D. '98) Professor of Electrical Engineering
    The Future of High-Frequency Integrated Circuits
  • Babak Hassibi (B.S .'89 M.S. '93 Ph.D. '96) Professor of Electrical Engineering; Executive Officer for Electrical Engineering
    Wireless Networks: Seamless Connectivity
  • Lambertus Hesselink (M.S. '72 Ph.D. '77), Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Stanford University
    How a One Year Fulbright Scholarship at Caltech Turned Into a Lifetime Benefit
  • Tracey Ho (S.B. M.Eng, '99 Ph.D., '04) Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    On Coding for Efficient and Secure Networks
  • Louise Kirkbride (B.S. '75 M.S. '76), Member of Caltech Board of Trustees; Founder of Answer Systems, Inc.
  • Mark Kryder (MS '66, PhD '70), University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon; Past Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Technology Officer at Seagate Corp.
    Memories of the Past (and Future)
  • Steven Low (B.S. '87 M.S. '89 Ph.D. '92) Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
    From Internet to Power Network
  • David Luenberger (B.S. '59), Professor of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University
    The Web of Knowledge and Portable Concepts
  • Richard F. Lyon (B.S. '74), Research Scientist, Google Inc.; Inventor of the Optical Mouse
    Machine Hearing, and the Legacy of John R. Pierce ('33)
  • Carver Mead (B.S. '56 M.S. '57 Ph.D. '60), Caltech Gordon and Betty Moore Professor of Engineering & Applied Science, Emeritus
  • Richard M. Murray (B.S. '85), Caltech Thomas E. and Doris Everhart Professor of Control & Dynamical Systems and Bioengineering
  • Pietro Perona (D.Eng., '85 Ph.D. '90) Allen E. Puckett Professor and Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Giving Sight to Machines
  • Arati Prabhakar (M.S. '80 Ph.D. '85), Partner, U.S. Venture Partners; Former Director of National Institute of Standards & Technology
    Our Energy Choices
  • Harold Rosen (M.S. '48 Ph.D. '51), "Father of the Geostationary Satellite"; Member of National Academy of Engineering
    Satellites, Automobiles and Energy
  • David Rutledge (B.A.'73 M.A.'75 Ph.D. '80) Kiyo and Eiko Tomiyasu Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Wavestream, a Successful Student Electronics Startup Company
  • Axel Scherer (B.S. '81 M.S. '82 Ph.D. '85) Bernard A. Neches Professor of Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, and Physics; Co-Director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute
    Fabrication and Integration of Nanodevices
  • Kumar N. Sivarajan, (M.S. '88 Ph.D. '90), CTO of Tejas Networks
  • Yu-Chong Tai (B.S.'81 M.S. '86 Ph.D. '89) Professor of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
    Biomedical Micro Implants
  • PP Vaidyanathan (B.Sc. '74 B. Tech. '77 M. Tech. '79 Ph.D '82) Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Sparse Sampling in Time and Space
  • Jelena Vuckovic (M.S. '97 Ph.D. '02), Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
    Quantum and Nanoscale Photonics
  • Changhuei Yang (B.Sc.'97 Physics B.Sc.'97 EE B.Sc.'02 Mathematics M.Eng. '97 EE Ph.D. '02) Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering
    Microscopic Microscopes
  • Amnon Yariv, Martin and Eileen Summerfield Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Avideh Zakhor (B.S. '83), Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley
    Reflections on my undergraduate years at Caltech

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